pH Drops 1oz

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Increased alkalinity brings water pH to 10 

These are the strongest pH drops on the market. Compare all other brands to ours before you buy. Just 10 drops per liter will raise water to the pH of 10.
Kokopellis pH Drops are a unique combination of the most alkaline minerals and compounds. This product is one of a kind due to its strength and effectiveness. Using pH drops is one of the best ways to make your water alkaline while helping you get rid of acid and regain vital health. 

Benefits can include:

Alkalizing water helps your body rid itself of acidic waste and increases the oxygen content of your blood. 

Disease organisms in your body (like yeast, mutating cancer cells and bacteria) survive in a low oxygen environment 

Energy boost, Weight loss, Mental clarity, and Vital health. 

We highly recommend that you begin hydrating with good pure alkaline water – 1 liter per every 40 lb of weight a day.

Directions: Add 10 drops per liter water. Enjoy.

1oz. makes 72 liters of alkaline water

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