Tim’s Testimonial!!

Five years ago my left eye was going blind and could not figure it out. On top of that, I was falling down in excruciating pain that most could not endure. The pain finally became so unbearable that I went to the doctor’s office. They did a lot of tests and advised me to have laser eye surgery. I was about to go “under the knife” when I realized that my vision had been getting better due to my consumption of alkaline water. I never got the laser eye surgery and my vision got better simply from my consumption of my water and chlorophyll and THE MAN UPSTAIRS!

However, that was only a quarter of the miracle. I still had excruciating pain in my leg. I thought I needed back surgery based on what the doctors were telling me. L5 L4 fusion, I was told that the pain in my knee and leg was from a bulging disk that herniated and they said it was neuropathy going down my leg! I knew it was much more because the pain in leg was worse than in my back and my leg was constantly going numb.

Thankfully, months later, I changed insurance companies, and my new pain management doctor was able to send me to have an MRI done on my knee. So on February 26, 2011, the day before my birthday, my doctor called with heartbreaking news. She said that I have a tumor in my leg that grows out of the cartilage like the branch of a tree. The reason that the leg kept going numb was that there was no circulation due to tumor taking over. She ended up sending me to a specialist in Loma Linda California, who recommended that I should think about cutting my right leg off above my knee so that the cancer wouldn’t grow back. Then I would have to go through chemo or radiation after surgery for the spots in my lung and skull and possibly if the tumor grows back in my leg.

I thought that my life was over and kept imaging myself hobbling around on one leg with three kids (at the time they were 6 months, 2 and 3 years old) and possibly death from cancer and or Chemotherapy or Radiation. This can’t be happening to me. I told the doctor that I was not going to cut my leg off, but I really did not see any other option. They told me that they would cut out the tumor and my bone but the chances of the tumor growing back were very high.

Now for the good news. I was researching alkalized water with a minus ORP and the positive effects on the body of pH with chlorophyll and minus ORP water (Oxidation Reduction Point) (Antioxidants). So I started carrying these products and using them as well for months prior. In March 2011, I had 9″ of fibula bone removed and cut my peroneal nerve as well as removed the tumor. I have two spots that metastasized to my skull and right side of lung. After my surgery I ate very little, but I drank Alkalized water with a minus ORP (Oxidation Reduction Point) (Antioxidants) and Kokopellis Whole Food Greens (Chlorophyll) along with a lot of rest! The oncology doctor told me in a direct and negative way that I would have to do immediately do chemotherapy and or radiation.

Went I got home I started looking into different options like proton therapy and other Doctors that specialized in my rare cancer but something kept telling me that I was doing was good, and that my body was feeling well. I kept drinking the alkaline water. 9.5- 10 pH with a minus OR (Oxidation Reduction Point), Kokopellis Wellness Whole Food Greens (Chlorophyll) along with a lot of rest and a little juicing (Gerson Theory)

I went back to the doctor after doing my own physical therapy and they found no trace of cancer in my knee, skull or lungs. To this day I am CANCER FREE and WALKING AROUND! There are no signs of cancer anywhere. I truly believe that it was the alkaline water. with chlorophyll along with a lot of rest and A LOT of help from the man upstairs!

In 2013 I finally had my back surgery L5 L4 fusion and again I did my own physical therapy as well as alkaline water. 9.5- 10 pH with a minus OR (Oxidation Reduction Point), Kokopellis Wellness Whole Food Greens (Chlorophyll) along with a lot of rest.

Ian M – Ear Candles

I got your product on a whim a few months ago. I never thought it would
help me as much as it does. I am a paramedic and I count on my hearing all
the time for patients. Before I tried ear candeling I had a hard time
hearing blood pressures and lung sounds through my stethoscope. The day
after I used ear candeling, I heard everything clearer than ever before.
While running with the sirens on I could still hear it the same as if hey
we’re off. I will continue to use this product and pass it onto whoever will
give it a chance.

Danny DeLao – Emu Oil

We believe in your emu oil, I use it for anything that aches. I have a rare form of skin cancer and use on my scar and I think it is helping. We met you at the Orange County Marketplace and believe everything you told us about your cancer,we have a dear friend who was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer and we are coming to buy her a bottle! thank you for all your help!

The ALIHASSAN Family – Ear Candle

Just want to thank you and your company for its amazing products. My husband was suffering from a bad ear infection and refused to go to the doctor. We happened to be at the Orange county marketplace (swap meet) and saw the ear candles, so I said why not try them. So we did not really sure what to expect (worst case, they don’t work) well we get home follow the instructions the gentlemen told us and can I just say eeww… Omg I mean I expected a little wax maybe but seriously there were chunks of wax, water and even an ant! Amazingly his ear was instantly better, he said the pressure was gone and so was the pain. So of course I had to try… Eww again. I felt I difference in my ears and my sinus’. We are now hooked and will be treating our kids with one ear candle set each to help with their sinus and ear issues. Thank you !!! Our family will be purchasing many more products.


Gary Deadmon – Orange County, CA – Emu Oil

Before using Kokopellis Emu Oil and after 21 days of daily usage.

It is a birth mark or (pressure mark) that has been there since birth…”a long time” I have tried everything except laser. I stopped by the booth at the OC market place and meet Tim, I decided why not let’s give it a try and using it everyday it has lighted it dramatically.

J Willert – Modjeska Canyon, CA – Ear Candle

I have been living in the local mountains for the last 3 years and involved in fires locally. After the fires I started getting sinus infections that were so bad I lost time from work repeatedly. After using the Ear Candles I noticed a tremendous reduction in my sinus condition and continue to feel a reduction in sinus infections.

J Stowell – Rancho Cucamonga, CA – Emu Oil

I was burned by a steam wand at work and I suffered 2nd degree burns, on top of it I am pregnant so I couldn’t use the prescription the doctor gave me. It hurt as well as it got infected so I tried Kokopelli’s Emu oil and it was the only thing that helped me with the burning feeling as well as the scaring, it is not even noticeable.

E Reagan – Anaheim, CA – Emu Oil

I purchased some Emu Oil at the OC Marketplace on Sunday 7/8/07. I have tried every lotion, oil, medicine since March 2007 to get rid of a bout of psoriasis on my legs (which I’ve never had in my life!). I figured I’d try the oil since I had exhausted every other avenue, and am so glad I did! After just six days of using the oil, my psoriasis is practically gone. I have been telling everyone about the wonders of Emu Oil (also using it as a face moisturizer and seeing the benefits!).

Jan Tarrant – Brighton, IL – Emu Oil

I Just have to tell you that your Emu Oil is unbelievable. I was at the swap meet in California and was having problems with my face shocking. I have had this problem for 1 1/2 years. My dentist was treating me for TMJ after a year of pain and a tooth pulled to help with the pain I went to my neurologist that I go to for M.S. he told me that I had Trigeminal Neuralgia making my right side of my face shock all of the time. I have been taking Lyrica for about a month I have still been shocking but not as often I had lost 15 lbs. with this and I can’t hardly brush my teeth. We saw the sign for Emu Oil and decided to stop and see what Tim had. He told me to put this on my wrinkles on my face and come back. I asked about my problem with my face as I had not been able to eat for three days because of more shocking. He said again put it on and try it. I did and walked around the stand for just a few minutes and to my amazement I was not shocking. I bought the small roller the 8 0z. bottle, soap and a couple of other things. I have had a few shocks in my face but after 10 to 12 hours and I know it time to put some on. It only takes a small amount but wow it works. My son put it on his hip his pain went away. I am in hopes that my letter will encourage more people to use this. Please send more info to me.

Thank you so much,

Janet M – Neti Pot

I’ve been suffering with allergies for years. In the last 2 years they’ve gotten worse. Usually most mornings when I wake up I’m sneezing so much I wheeze. I’m in good health, have no lung problems but sometimes I would cough like I was a smoker or worse yet COPD. I’ve sneezed so much I’ve thrown my back out, that’s bad it was. Every morning I dreaded getting up. First it was the constant sneezing and wheezing. It was really starting to drive me nuts. I had saw Neti Pots described on the Oprah show and kept looking for one. I finally bought one at the OC swap meet a couple of weeks ago from Tim. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The first time I used it kinda grossed me out. But I’m OK now. Easy to use and easy to store. 90% of my wheezing and sneezing is gone. No more tiredness from all the Benadryl and Claritin I was taking. Incidentally I think all the years I’ve been taking Benadryl and Claritin my body has gotten used to them. I wish I would have purchased one of these years ago.

Pat Bowen – Aliso Viejo, CA – Emu Oil

Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Emu Oil. I have a very arthritic knuckle that flares up occasionally with pain and immobility. After I applied the Emu Oil the first time the pain stopped and I was able to make a fist. No pill ever did that for me.

JP – Anaheim, CA – Neti Pot

For 15 years I would have sinus problems every morning. After I purchased the Neti Pot I have had no sinus problems. Doctors would prescribe medication and none would work. The Neti Pot is natural and cleanses my sinus without having to take dangerous chemicals into my body.

M Hobbs – Indio, CA – Dog Ear Oil

The Dog Ear Oil is GREAT my dog has had so many ear infections and numerous times to the vet and the infections always come back this ear oil stops her from scratching and the bad odor went away immediately.

Alex Ramirez – Monrovia, CA – Emu Oil

My name is Alex Ramirez and I am a chef, which means that I am constantly either washing my hands, exposing them to extreme heat or cold, or cutting my hands with the various tools I use in my kitchen. I have become affected with really bad outbreaks of eczema, chapped and cracked hands, and extremely dry hands. This was before I started using emu oil. This product has been the only thing to ease the damage I do to my hands. I have tried steroid creams that the doctors have prescribed, only to have my hands go numb and never cure the eczema. Emu oil has been a real miracle cure for me and other chefs I have met. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from any skin ailments.

D Hill – Orange County, CA – Ear Candle, Emu Oil, Neti Pot

I purchased the ear coning candles, the neti pot and the emu oil. I could not be happier with the products than I am right now.
The candles performed exactly as you described. I tested my hearing with the TV volume before and after using them two times on each ear. I was able to lower the volume control setting from number 26 to number 16!!! It is so nice to not blast my wife with the loud volume anymore.
The emu oil has worked wonders on a callous that I had tried so many other products on for years. Nothing else has softened it like the oil did, and I expect the area to be normal over time, based on the one week’s results I have seen. I have also begun using it under my eyes as you suggested and, as unrealistic as this sounds, I have already seen and been told that I look as much as ten years younger. This is also after one week’s usage.
I enjoyed talking with you. You are knowledgeable about your products and made me feel comfortable about trying them. I will buy more when necessary, and am looking into your other products to see how they might help improve my health and comfort on a daily basis.
Thanks, Tim for your help and for the service that you have provided to my wife and me.

Anonymous – Emu Oil


C Lewis – Montclair, CA

I was diagnosed with Lupus (an autoimmune disease) 6 years ago at the age of 20, I had 9 of the 11 symptoms. I went down to 89lbs and lost all my hair also I was extremely fatigued well as the butterfly rash appeared. I decided to not take any medication (prednisone, vioxx(NSAIDS), vicodan, Motrin 800mg, plaquenil, Imuran) that will harm or cause numerous side effects. I have been using Emu oil for almost a year now and it is the only thing that helps me with my pain, I have noticed that unlike other creams or oils I have tried in the past my body has not become immune to the emu oil. I also use the salt pipe for my Pleurisy (inflammation of the pleural lining around the lungs).

D Orolski – South Dakota

The Neti pot has saved my whole family from going to the doctors this winter , we use it sometime twice a day to clear out our nasal passages.

SV – Orange County Marketplace, Costa Mesa, CA – Ear Candle

I had water in my ears all my life. I went to many ENT doctors and nothing worked. Since I have been using the EAR CANDLES, for 2 years I have never had any problems.

M Lavis – Salt Lake City, UT – Neti Pot

I have been using the Neti Pot for years now, but after I used the Pink Himalayan salt with the neti pot I felt more relief than I ever had just using saline solution. I also have used the pink salt with all my cooking it is fantastic.

V Chen – Atlanta, GA – Ear Candle

I am a flight attendant and I travel all the time, Sometimes with all the pressure changes I get painful headaches and chronic sinus congestion. I tried Ear candling once off the plane and the pressure in my ears immediately disappeared and my sinuses started to drain. Now before and during a flight I use my Salt pipe to help keep my sinuses clear.

J Evans – Palm Springs, CA – Dog Emu Oil

I bought the Dog Emu Oil for my yorkie who has very dry skin patches on his legs. I started to use it and was amazed how fast a well it worked. Tobys dry patches are gone and his hair re-grew over the spot.

Sharon S. – Visalia, CA – Emu Oil

I have had Shingles off and on all my life and have used all the medicine and creams from the doctor, this last flare up really effected be bad, I have tried other emu oils and none worked compared to Kokopelli’s emu oil and was given instant relief, After a few days of usage the shingles went away.

Miss Holiday – OC Marketplace – Emu Oil

I’ve been using the Emu oil on my right hand because I’ve noticed I have what they call “basal” cell carcinoma”. A small patch, the size of a pea. It’s been there for a good year or so, and it started to get more thick since I’ve been in the sun more lately. Anyway, I was going to go to the Derm doctor, but after using the oil for 2 days I’ve noticed a difference in my hand. It’s clearing up, and the bump has disappeared. You can still tell where it was ’cause it’s still a little pink in color. I’ve been using it now since May 21 and making progress! It would be nice for it to completely be gone…but we’ll see…I’ll give it more time and see what happens.
Plus I am using it on my face, and I am getting compliments that my skin looks so NICE! Awesome. Love this oil, and I am telling some of my coworkers about it to!
Thank you.

Sandra X – Murrieta CA – Kokopelli’s Whole Food Greens

I have been to the Doctors for years; it has taken a long time to find out what was wrong with me. I have been sent to the Lab to draw blood so many times and see many different doctors about my Diabetes; my high blood pressure was also high. I have to take so many different medications that doctor prescribed me. I told my doctor when I get low sugar I am very tired my hands are num I see the building spin around me and I almost fall down in the restroom so many times I have the doctor give me a note to give to my supervisor because I cannot work in a fast station and I told my supervisor when I got low sugar I have to eat candy or sugar to get my blood sugar levels back to normal.
On November 15-2009 I was shopping around at Tom Farm’s I saw a women selling Organic products, I buy the Kokopellis Wellness Green I put in my water bottle shake it and drink and I boil hot water and put some Greens in it everyday once a day for two week to get inside my system and after two week I ask my self did I eat candy yesterday and today so next day I did not eat candy at all I didn’t know it. Wow amazing, I feel stronger I feel very excellence. The Kokopellis Wellness Green is unbelievable. So I don’t have to take Medication from the doctor. The Kokopellis Green is Organic; the medication from doctor will affect my liver. The Kokopellis Greens has no side effects. Thank you very much!